Hi-Mak: Catering to the Multiplying Automation Needs of Industrial Plants

CIO Vendor To reap the benefits of digitization, industrial manufacturers need new operating models, aggressive hiring, smart partnerships, and targeted investments. The next wave of leaders in industrial manufacturing is expected to build an ecosystem that capitalizes on the promise of analytics and connectivity to maximize efficiency for themselves and their customers.

Assisting such manufacturers to aerial this wave, Vadodara headquartered Hi-Mak Private Limited is engaged in Industrial Automation since 1993. Hi-Mak's key functions include project engineering and management, On Site Services, Industrial Reporting Solution, IIoT Solution, Panel Manufacturing, System Up-gradation and Industrial Training.

System integration, particularly, is projected to grow at a significant rate owing to the widespread use of cloud-based services and network management. Integrating Hi-Mak's domain expertise with IIoT has helped major industry segments to know their process better, analyses the data, predict the process performance and provide right information at right time to the right people. Hi-Mak has successfully evaluated the methods to integrate existing machine and plant automation system with IIoT system that enables users to achieve a plethora of outputs. Outputs like- plant data access from anywhere, anytime, real time and historical data reports, highly secured user administration, hierarchy based alarm management system; event based automatic alarm system via e-mails and SMS, and predictive analysis reports for proactive maintenance.

Few Successful Undertakings

System up-gradation requires a high level of data analysis and planning to ensure smooth change over from running plant to up-graded plant within limited time frame. Hi-Mak's project execution methods address the entire chain, from concept to commissioning, which are planned and executed accurately. To integrate multiple legacy system to one common platform requires robust hardware and proven communication topology that works irrespective of different hardware make.

The company has successfully up-graded many systems with least downtime. Following are the few noteworthy instances: upgraded GE Systems to Siemens for extruder line with 12 days of shutdown where customer expected shutdown time was 30 days; executed a system up-gradation of Burner Management Automation System in 2 days of shutdown time; and up-graded MOORE DCS to Siemens PCS for the Petro-synthesis plant in given time frame of 7 days shutdown.

For Hi-Mak, the future is booked to learn and improve their existing systems. A passionate engineer that she is, Himali Vyas is driven by the sheer will to make India less dependent on imports, and to export more for betterment of the nation. She believes and acts on Hi-Mak's founder Keyur Vyas' words– "Even one with iron like will, will make a large difference and can build many Tata's as our nation needs".

Towards a Cross Domain Operations Future

Hi-Mak looks forward to Robotics and Automated Machine business as near future ventures of the company. Furthermore, industrial IT solutions for different industry domains have also caught Hi-Mak's interest. Actions are underway to build Industry domain wise standardization, Advanced Industrial Reporting Software, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)