Hema Automation:Delivering the Baseline Requirements of Modern Industries Automation

CIO Vendor Aconstant demand for better manufacturing and services has led to the requirement of higher quality of control techniques. With the availability of intelligent, compact solid state electronic devices, it has been possible to provide control systems that can reduce maintenance, down time and improve productivity to a great extent. Catering to these needs, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are specifically designed for multiple arrangements of digital and analog inputs and outputs, extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration and impact. Plugging all these features with further automation, Surat based PLC Panel Exporter and Supplier–Hema Automation has integrated PLC with SCADA. The company provides several automation solutions and products in industrial automation like PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMIs and DRIVES from different automation giants like Schneider, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Unimat etc. Hema automation has established expertise in Automation, Power Quality and Industrial Drives Panel businesses offering customized solutions to clients.

Engineering Custom Controllers with PLC/SCADA/HMI

Emergence of new control panels has fueled the demand to engineer distinct control options and automation for long term performance. Hema synchronizes data logging, data archiving, monitoring alarm levels, temperature and pressure levels with SCADA integrated PLCs, used in wireless communications. Framework of every industry is incomplete without a comprehensive range of wireless communication. Industrial Wireless Communication thus, creates new prospects for reliable automation. One such sector is railways, where Hema Automation with its technology, enables immediate availability of data to the concerned
authorities at the time of any incidence. The company has updated its services with GSM and sim card communication.

Automation using PLC/ SCADA/HMI communications, all need cables and connections. Hema Automation has altered the segment of PLC communication technology and its cost effectiveness in geographically remote areas. The company has enabled INR 3-5 lakhs of reduction in expenditures and number of cables to be laid, that earlier billed a whopping INR 10-15 lakhs for 1000 different areas - a sure sign of intense engineering in this sector. Additionally, Hema offers state-of-the-art situation awareness graphics that leverages best practice of HMI standards, enabling (remote) site standardization and customization accordingly.

The company vies to generate high quality, time bounded and cost effective services

Adapting to Growing Automation with PLC

Hema Automation is on a spree to establish its identity in PLC driven automation sector as the most trusted service provider in all aspects and a provider of a 'one-stop innovative' solution. The company vies to generate high quality, time bounded and cost effective services. Since its invention, PLC is well adapted to a range of automation tasks. Automated solutions using PLCs are typical industrial processes in manufacturing where the cost of developing and maintaining the automation system is high relative to the total cost of the automation, and where changes to the system would be expected during its operational life. Hema Automation has mastered this challenge with its innovative and off-centre Automation solutions and shows promises to further advance this domain with top notch solutions.