GE Automation & Controls:To Unlock the Hidden Value through Outcome Optimizing Controls

CIO Vendor Heavy machinery is moving towards a future of unprecedented productivity spurred by superior energy efficiency, better design and operator visualization, and rigorous safety standards. Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia with India operations in Bengaluru, GE Automation & Controls is working as the spur here. GE's division of automation provides automation and controls technology and services for power generation and a host of adjacent applications across industry. The company's core expertise lies in plant controls and power electronics triggering improvement in operational efficiency across a range of process applications.

Running the Course of Industry 4.0 through Top Notch Control Systems

GE's Industrial Internet solutions empower customers with optimized equipment performance thereby ensuring reliability and efficiency in operations by connecting their machines, data, insights and people.

While extending its state-of-the-art RX3i and Mark VIe industrial control systems, GE has designed Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) for storage, analysis and rapid conveyance of data from the edge of industrial systems. Further, in order to improve profitability, reduce downtime, and lower operational costs, IICS leverages GE's Predix analytics suite at the edge and in the cloud as well. "The system incorporates a real time feedback loop that allows processes to dynamically adjust with changing business objectives to help improve profitability and generate new sources of revenue", asserts Arvind Kakru, Managing Director, GE Intelligent Platforms India.

Due to its in-depth understanding of the renewable energy industry's pain points, the organization offers modular, scalable Automation & Controls solutions to manage multiple renewable plant applications. GE's customized storage offerings facilitate plant operators to be competitive in balancing power while buffering energy output of renewable or decentralized power plants.
Moreover, the company's remarkable portfolio comprises turbine control, remote I/O, high fidelity plant simulation, excitation systems, static starters, synchronous condensers, emergency shutdown systems, burner management systems, generator health monitoring and integrated power plant controls.

GE exploits its Industrial Internet platform to collect data, analyze trends and derive insights, thus, assuring optimal operations and asset performance

Integrated Platform to Augment Industry Environments

To provide a secure and reliable control over critical applications, GE brings to the table a plethora of automation and control solutions to fit customer needs. Incorporating remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, GE exploits its Industrial Internet platform to collect data, analyze trends and derive insights, thus, assuring optimal operations and asset performance. As a matter of fact stated by Arvind, heavy machinery applications such as gas and steam turbines, compressors, chemical processes, safety systems, and etc., require a compact controller that can provide high performance and flexibility required to reliably run application specific control. IICS' PACSystems RX3i CPE400 is first of its kind outcome optimizing controller. Likewise, Mark VIe UCSC runs on a real time operating system and can be configured for simplex, dual, or triple redundant operation, at incremental frame rates in any configuration.

GE believes that in this new paradigm and industrial app economy, control systems are no longer passive devices, disconnected from outside data and business outcomes. They're changing how machines operate and communicate, accelerating the pace at which the digital world influences physical systems. With such tremendous innovation being introduced in split seconds, we can only retrospect how largely GE has and will continue to affect the industrial automation game.